Muistikirjoituksia/Recollected Writings is an interactive poetry anthology in
a physical edition of one by IC-98 and eight prominent Finnish poets – Kristian Blomberg,
Mikael Brygger, Pauliina Haasjoki, Sirpa Kyyrönen, Teemu Manninen, Henriikka Tavi,
Olli-Pekka Tennilä and Miia Toivio.

The poems were collectively written for this anthology to constitute an index of the everyday
lives of collaborating poets.The poems were laser-engraved on differently shaped pieces
of Corian, which together constitute a large mosaic on a custom-made tabletop.
Reader-users can trace these writings onto pieces of paper with a pencil.

The anthology only exists as this single installation and as unique copies that people
produce and possibly circulate. As we find ourselves in an era of digital traceability and
system architecture, the installation reminds us of the warmth and unpredictability of
pre-Gutenberg era.

Installation views at Frankfurt Book Fair, Finnish Pavilion, 2014
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(C) Iconoclast 2014