46---------- THE ISLAND OF ATLAS (2013)

The Island of Atlas looks familiar to those who have seen Oikoumene: an island built of steel walls. This time, instead of a circular form, there are two rectangular islands – or to be exact, an island looking at its mirror image in the future: one shiny steel city – covered in protective grease – descends into the depths of the ocean, another ascends on the other side, badly oxidized. We are looking at Oikoumene, or Atlantis, the unfortunate sea power in different phases of its history: a gleaming city, a city built on oil, a sunken city, a city reborn – or redeveloped.

Custom-made tables (maple, glass, steel); laser-cut steel diorama (greased and oxidized steel), 115,5 x 88,5 x 75 cm (one table)

Installation views at Volta NY, 2013
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Installation view at Galleria Heino, 2013

(C) Iconoclast 2013