44---------- ANTE CAMERA (2012)

Ante camera is a site-specific installation realised at Svenska kulturfonden's (Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland) office on Simonkatu in Helsinki. The work is built into the door of a space serving as a general storage and server room. Looking through a peephole carved into the door, the viewer sees – instead of the real space – a series of changing scenes built of cardboard boxes. The scenes have been constructed according to the actual dimensions of the replaced space (box size 25x25x25cm). Whenever the door handle is turned, the image imperceptibly changes.

The office of Svenska kulturfonden is located in a building, which is part of the Forum block in the centre of Helsinki. Businessman, publisher, theatre buff and enthusiast of Middle Ages mysticism Amos Anderson (1878–1961) built himself an apartment and office building on the block and acquired most of it towards the end of the 1920's. Today the buildings and the shopping centre located on the block are mainly governed by Föreningen Konstsamfundet, which like Svenska kulturfonden widely supports Finnish-Swedish culture in Finland.

A publication of the same name contains a selection of 11 cardboard box scenes built and documented for the installation.

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Svenska kulturfonden's publication covering the whole project >>

Our own publication >>

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