41---------- A VIEW FROM THE OTHER SIDE (2011)

The animation is an alternative view on a controversial building in Turku, Finland. Over the years, the Gyllich Stoa – built in early 19th Century after the then fashionable model of Stoa Poikile of ancient Athens – has served many functions: a fishmarket, a bazaar, a café, a restaurant, a gas-station... During the last 10 years, this protected building remained vacant. At the same time it has been subject to cynical real estate speculation, resulting in decay. In 2010 the city sold the building to a private company, which reopened it as posh restaurants and bars in the spring of 2011.

This local history as a starting point – and elaborating on the idea of stoa as the only popular hang-out on the ancient agora – the animation deals with the questions of ownership of public space, immigration, and neo-liberal city policies. The work is second in the series of site-specific animations, which create a virtual ghost image of an actual place (Riket being the first). A View from the Other Side is shown locally in public space near the colonnade – and independently in regular exhibitions spaces, where its general thematic comes to foreground.

The animation is accompanied by a series of 14 framed digital prints with magnifying glasses.
The prints are stills from the animation with additions.

HD-animation, 70’00”, loop, stereo sound
Animated by Markus Lepistö
Music by Markku Hietaharju
Part 2 of the River Trilogy.
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Screenshots >>

Installation view, Forum Box, Helsinki, 2011 (projection) >>
Installation view from Turku, Finland, 2011 >>
Installtion view, Beaconsfield, London, 2012 >>
Installation view, MAMbA, Buenos Aires, 2012 >>

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