23---------- REJMYRE MATTERS (2007)

A workshop at the Reijmyre Glass Factory, Sweden, Rejmyre Matters
was a continuation of the Civic Matters cultural exchange process
started in Los Angeles in 2006. The objective of the workshop was not
only to work with glass, but to think about a small locality built around
one business from cultural, social, economic and historical perspectives.

During our stay, we chose to investigate windows, from their concrete
production to the metaphorical implications of the concept itself. More
generally, the research in Rejmyre was a partly self-reflective chapter in
our ongoing investigations of work, economy and history. As a result on site,
we produced an installation revealing our process and arranged a screening
of one of our animations at the Folkets Hus (People's hall) during the Friday
night's dance.

Installation view, Engelska Magasinet, Reijmyre Glass Factory, Sweden >>
Installation view, Folkets Hus, Rejmyre >>

(C) Iconoclast 2007