20---------- From the Series THESES ON THE BODY POLITIC (2006)

Continuing the series Theses on the Body Politic we launched the first part
of a trilogy of animated drawings on DVD at the XI Mänttä Art Festival in
Mänttä, Finland and Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives in the Hague, Nether-

This first part - Giant of the Forest - shows a Finnish, national romantic forest
landscape as it is gradually cut down. At the same time, a wooden figure (familiar
from Foucault's Sleep) is erected - finally it stands tall in the middle of a barren
landscape. The "wickerman" then burns down and over time, a new forest
grows - just to be used as a reserve once again.

Together with Forays (2005) and Auri Sacra Fames (2005), the animation
completes a loosely connected series of works investigating Finnish forest
capitalism from the 19th Century onwards.

From the Series Theses on the Body Politic (Giant of the Forest)
Single channel DVD, 32'31", silent

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09 10 Diagram:
Installation view from Quartair, The Hague >>
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