15---------- RUN AND DIE (2004)

Run and Die was a publication produced for PR 04 [tribute to the messenger]
in San Juan and Rincón, Puerto Rico. The discourse of the book was built
around the concepts of sport, war, death, national sentiment and multiplicity.

Run and Die contains a new set of Theses on the Body Politic (see Project 14),
personal recollections of school sports and olympics, theoretical models for
sport and goal-thought, material on the concept of Adventure as a critique of
rational thought, passages on the Finnish olympic athlete and sports-activist
Tahko Pihkala and some Finnish history from the 30's to 40's.

The books were distributed for free in public spaces in Rincón. In San Juan,
the books will be left in bars, cafés, waiting rooms, grocery stores etc. so
that anyone can bump into one in the middle of everyday life. Furthermore,
Iconoclast participated in the public poster project Tipos moviles by Luis
Romero with an accompanying text piece "It didn't take place" does not mean
it didn't happen
, commenting on the fact that we should always remember
those things that didn't happen, too.

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