14---------- THESES ON THE BODY POLITIC (2003/2004)

Theses on the Body Politic is a continuing series of tableaux, depicting a secret
society of men in different positions. The positions are renderings of social and
political processes, using human bodies as building blocks. The members of the
society are performing a ritual designed to regenerate age-old relations between
human beings. For these men, legislation is no longer enough - something more
fundamental is required to implement the Rule. Because the body is the only
remaining link between rulers and humanity as a whole, what is needed is a
magical series of elaborate physical exercises. Only the body offers a chance to
go beyond rhetoric, that endless speech that no longer gets anyone anywhere.
Only bodies and relations, no politics, pure necessity, a world of natural selection.
And if it works, it is True.

01 Framework 1/2004 series; 02 Run and Die series

(C) Iconoclast 2004