13---------- THIRD WAY (2003)

Installation at the "display window" of the Municipal Civil Service Building
in Turku, Finland, containing army beds and blankets, wall clocks, calendar,
candy, urine cisterns, water bottles, cleaning equipment, poster and mailfolders.

Third Way continued the analysis of the problematic relation between politics
and economy. It pointed out diverse overlapping economies or processes of
circulation meeting in the individual (body), the produced object of the
welfare discourse in the rotting Scandinavian welfare model.

The installation was not just installation in artistic sense - it was a space
ready to accomodate people, too. We like to call this approach "functioning
conceptual construction", an assemblage of discursive objects ready to
be used practically. In this sense the effects of the emptying core of social
institutions were fed back to the actual space of civil service functions.

01 Sketch for the installation 02 3rd Way Feedback 03 View from outside
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